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Midtown Adopt-A-Block

Midtown’s Adopt-A-Block program is an anti-litter, community-empowering program in partnership with the City of Atlantic City, our neighbors, and business owners.


For this program, the Midtown neighborhood is divided into seven blocks. Each block will be assigned a Block Captain to oversee its team efforts and help to guide the program’s volunteers.

The Midtown CDC will provide cleaning supplies, planning support, regularly scheduled cleanups, and post-event celebrations! We will also give away prizes during each cleanup for participation and select competitions using Keep America Beautiful guidelines.


Adopt-A-Block: Community Cleanup in Midtown

The Midtown CDC will provide support and resources to people who want to lead the charge against heavy litter, illegal dumping, and debris in the public spaces in their neighborhood.


To get started, review the map to select your block then fill out application to become an Adopt-A-Block Captain. Your leadership will help to create a safer, cleaner Midtown!

Adopt-A-Block Captain Application

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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